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She drew in the smoke, hands shaking, like it could sate her hunger,
But she was hungry for him, and the smoke did nothing
But remind her of the way
He made her feel so breathless.

She shook, shook as hard as the house, when the lightning struck,
She bit her tongue, tasting the sweetness in her mouth like it could
Make her forget the feeling of his arms around her
But the taste only reminded her of the way
His lips tasted on hers.

She bled, hands shaking, over the bathtub water; full,
Staring at the amalgamation of blood and water, lust and purity,
She tried to forget him
But the blood only reminded her of the way
Her heart pounded in her chest
When he held her in his arms.


— m.h. (via ehxausting)

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"Damaged people damage people."

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